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Introducing Ryerson’s new TransForm Lab

By October 15, 2016 No Comments

The brainchild of School of Urban and Regional Planning professors Raktim Mitra and Matthias Sweet, TransForm is Ryerson University’s new transportation and land use planning research laboratory. Its primary goal is to invest in student training while examining how existing and new transportation modes influence urban systems, and how communities shape travel behaviour.

TransForm’s research covers five majors themes: mobility and society, congestion management, active transportation, technology-enabled mobility, and land use. “We hope to build better links between transportation-land use and policy-making by conducting research that would be useful for and supported by government agencies, private-sector, and grass-roots organizations,” explains Mitra.

The co-directors point out that Ontario doesn’t have another lab that explicitly focuses on transportation and transportation planning and policy. They hope TransForm’s research will influence future transportation investments throughout Ontario. “The policy stakes are high. And the need for university-based research that informs and improves urban planning and policymaking through robust evidence continues to grow,” says Sweet.