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New tool assesses immigrant inclusion in Canada’s cities

By October 15, 2017 No Comments

The Cities of Migration program at Ryerson University’s Global Diversity Exchange recently launched My City of Migration Diagnostic (MyCOM), an easy-to-use tool designed to help users assess diversity and inclusionary experiences in Canada’s cities. The project’s leaders hope MyCOM will assist researchers and policy makers in better understanding the conditions for newly-arrived immigrants.

“Human mobility is increasing, globally, and increasingly immigrants choose where to go, what city and country to call home,” says Kim Turner who leads the Cities of Migration program. “Successful cities will be those that give immigrants of all diversities, whether high-skilled or low-skilled, a warm welcome, a path to citizenship, and equal partnership in that great experiment.”

Cities of Migration works to identify promising practices and policy innovations that drive immigrant integration, inclusion, and urban prosperity. The project aims to help city and community leaders evaluate existing services or design new programs.

MyCOM uses a set of simple scenarios for users to assess the quality of inclusion in their daily lives: at work, at school, on election day, in health, and as a new arrival. Mapped to 10 dimensions of inclusion, MyCOM provides a detailed snapshot of a city’s relative strengths and weaknesses on diversity and inclusion. Contact Cities of Migration for more information.