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Brave New Suburbia in Brampton

By November 15, 2017 No Comments

Ryerson CBI’s research and policy manager Graham Haines participated in a panel on “Brave New Suburbia: Does the next decade belong to suburbs?” in October. Hosted by Brampton Mayor Linda Jeffrey, the event explored the city building potential of Toronto’s suburbs, the 905 area, and Brampton. Other panelists included Zhixi Zhuang, a professor with Ryerson’s School of Urban and Regional Planning who researches the effect of ethnocultural diversity on urban landscapes, and Yousaf Shah, a consultant with Hemson Consulting Ltd. The talk was of special interest since Ryerson has applied to establish a satellite campus in Brampton.

Panelists discussed the potential for city building in Toronto’s suburban areas and included (left to right) moderator Jaskaran Sandhu, CBI research manager Graham Haines, Ryerson urban planning professor Zhixi Zhuang, and urban planning consultant Yousaf Shah. (Photo: Chris Drew)