Addressing GTHA transit gridlock

By November 15, 2017 No Comments

Metrolinx’s ambitious Draft 2041 Regional Transportation Plan for the GTHA hopes to support complete communities by firmly aligning the area’s transportation network with land use. But to achieve this, transit governance and funding need to be reconsidered.

The Ryerson City Building Institute held a special luncheon on November 22 that featured experts from across North America with experience addressing city-region governance issues for an audience of more than 80 policymakers, researchers, and transportation planners.

Panelists included Tom Clark, the former CEO of the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation; Larry Beasley, former Vancouver Chief Planner; and Robert Yaro the President Emeritus of the New York Regional Plan Association and Professor of Practice at the University of Pennsylvania.

“Some new and intriguing ideas emerged from our discussion on how to break transit governance gridlock in the GTA,” said CBI Chair and event moderator Anne Golden. “We need to take bold steps to translate the Metrolinx regional transit plan for 2041 into reality. The panelists agreed that Metrolinx should increase our engagement with regional politicians, perhaps by convening informal conferences to talk through and build support for the tough decisions. The importance of engaging political leaders and civic groups to create consensus on new strategies was underscored by all panelists.”