A holistic approach to road safety: TO’s latest active transportation plans

By June 26, 2019 No Comments

Tomorrow, the City’s Infrastructure and Environment Committee is set to consider staff-recommended updates to Toronto’s Ten Year Cycling Network Plan and Vision Zero Road Safety Plan, both of which are important in striving to support active transportation and eliminate traffic-related injuries and fatalities on Toronto’s streets. 

Ryerson CBI Project Manager Claire Nelischer will depute at the meeting regarding the Cycling Network Plan Update. CBI applauds the City on its efforts to strengthen the Cycling Network Plan, and to better link it with a more robust Vision Zero 2.0 for a more holistic approach to road safety.

“The City’s original plans were not effective in achieving a safe active transportation network. In particular, implementation of the Cycling Network Plan was slow, while Vision Zero 1.0 focused too heavily on education, pavement markings and signage without sufficiently addressing dangerous speeds and infrastructure,” she said. 

“Now, there is greater public awareness of road safety as a critical issue, and an established view that more robust actions are necessary to protect vulnerable road users — actions like reducing speed limits and redesigning streets. With both updated plans, which are now better aligned, the City recognizes the need to do more, and to address infrastructure, operations, and enforcement at every opportunity. We hope these updated plans will be coupled with significant capital and operating funds, and robust enforcement measures, to ensure their success.”

To further support the speedy implementation of priority cycling corridors, the Ryerson City Building Institute will publish a study in spring 2020 with Ryerson Associate Professor Anne Harris (School of Occupational and Public Health), quantifying the burden of injuries and fatalities that could be avoided by installing protected cycling infrastructure.

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