Bedrooms in the Sky

November 2017

Examining the incoming supply of condos will accommodate the GTA's housing affordability challenges and changing demographics.


As millennials get older and seek larger spaces, and baby boomers downsize from detached houses, Toronto will need housing units that meet the needs and economic realities of these important demographic cohorts. Given the current housing affordability context and projected population increases, the GTA will require more family-oriented housing units in mid-rise and low-rise buildings in comparison to the stock built during the past several years. This report examines what is coming down the condo apartment pipeline in the next five years to determine if we are on target to meet the ongoing shift in housing demand.

Report produced with Urbanation.


Cherise Burda, Executive Director, Ryerson CBI

Graham Haines, Research Manager, Ryerson CBI

Shaun Hildebrand, President, Urbanation