Density Done Right

April 2020

A thoughtful approach to greater urban density


The Greater Golden Horseshoe faces a dilemma: how to accommodate millions of new residents in the next 20 years without continuing the unsustainable growth pattern of suburban sprawl and hyper-concentrated density. This report puts forward a proposal for growing municipalities through carefully planned urban intensification, or Distributed Density, for the benefit of residents, neighbourhoods and the environment.

Presenting a combination of research and case studies, Density Done Right outlines an actionable scenario of growth spread throughout existing urban areas that can lead to gains in transit, business, local services and neighbourhood vitality, while reducing cost burdens on municipalities. It is intended to help citizens and decision-makers engaged in municipal planning and development processes advocate for more sustainable, healthy growth in municipalities across the region.


Density Done Right was made possible through generous funding from the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation.

Prepared by Cherise Burda, Graham Haines, Claire Nelischer and Claire Pfeiffer. Design by Sali Tabacchi.