Pedalling Forward with a Priority Cycling Grid in Toronto

In Progress / Coming Soon

Quantifying the public health and safety benefits of protected cycling infrastructure


In recent years, mounting cyclist injuries and fatalities have shed light on Toronto’s road safety crisis. We know that building separated cycling infrastructure is the most effective action to improve safety, yet opposition to street redesigns and protected bike lanes persists.

More work is needed to convince key decision-makers on City Council that safe cycling infrastructure saves lives. CBI is collaborating with Dr. Anne Harris, epidemiologist and Associate Professor in Ryerson’s School of  Occupational and Public Health, to quantify the burden of injuries that could be prevented by installing protected cycling infrastructure on key corridors. Putting a number to the injuries and fatalities that could be avoided will be a powerful tool to support public health and safety on Toronto’s roads.

This research will be released in Spring 2020, and is supported by the Metcalf Foundation’s Cycle City granting program.


Authored by Dr. Anne Harris