Rethinking the Tower

February 2019

On finding solutions to housing attainability in Toronto through industry innovations.


In the current Toronto housing market, prices have skyrocketed and many are facing a lack of appropriate options. It is clear that we need to tackle housing attainability, encourage income diversity among residents and protect people with low and middle incomes from being priced out. That’s why we surveyed industry innovations from North America and beyond in a case study analysis of micro living, unbundling features, co-living and equity-building programs.


By Cherise Burda, Graham Haines and Claire Nelischer

““Toronto is a successful and prosperous city, and yet the lack of available and affordable housing is having a negative effect on many of our residents and the economic vitality of our city. The unaffordable housing market is jeopardizing Toronto’s reputation as a city of opportunity for all, where everyone has access to safe, stable and affordable housing.””

Mayor John ToryDecember 6, 2018 letter to Toronto city council