Density Done Right

How distributed urban density can benefit residents, neighbourhoods and the environment

On-Demand Transit Data Analysis

Data analysis of a groundbreaking transit pilot in Belleville, ON

Rethinking the Tower

A case study review of innovations to help achieve housing attainability in Toronto.

On Bill 108, the “More Homes, More Choice” Act

A detailed analysis of Ontario's Bill 108

Finding the Missing Middle

Building the Missing Middle is possible. A guide to intensification planning in the GTHA.

Toronto’s Great Streets

An accessible guide to urban mobility and neighbourhood revitalization through effective street redesign.

Taxed Out

A research project and gallery exhibition on local businesses threatened by rising space costs.

Getting to 8,000

Building a healthier rental market for the Toronto area. Produced with Evergreen.

Bedrooms in the Sky

Are we meeting housing demand? A look at the condo pipeline. Produced with Urbanation.

The Opportunity of Rail Deck Park

The opportunity presented by the proposed Rail Deck Park for parkland downtown.

Can Ryerson Benefit from a Better Yonge Street?

A case study analysis of the impact of street redesigns on university campuses

Turning Laneways into Public Places Toolkit

Leveraging laneway spaces in Toronto for public good

Unlocking Housing Solutions

Voices from the private sector on viable solutions to the GTA's housing affordability crisis

In High Demand

Toronto’s housing affordability problem, and options to tackle the issue.

More than a Desk and a Parking Spot

Transforming the relationship between Toronto’s employment lands and transit.

Suburbs on Track

Building transit-friendly neighbourhoods outside the Toronto core.

Getting Intense

Rethinking planning for an intensification-first approach.

Autonomous Vehicles in the GTHA

Four scenarios explore the future of autonomous vehicles in the GTHA.

A Tale of Three Cities

A comparative exploration of transit systems in Paris, Montreal and the GTA.

The Outer Limits

As the Province nears its 10-year review of the Greenbelt Plan and Growth Plan, a look at housing potential.

A New Life for Old City Hall

Global case studies of city museums and new uses for iconic heritage buildings.

Making Cents of Ontario’s Rent Regulation

Assessing the Financial Impact of Rent Control and Developer Incentives.

Getting Intense Over Sprawl

Former Toronto Mayor David Crombie's 9 Lessons for the GTHA.

Land Needs Assessment Methodology

On improving Land Needs Assessments methodology at the provincial level.

It’s Cool to be Smart

Climate benefits of Ontario’s Growth Plan for the GGH.

Past Reports

Reports of the Ryerson CBI published in 2015